Fronds is a large specialist Fern Nursery specialising in New Zealand Ferns - tree ferns and ground ferns.

Suppliers of New Zealand ferns - tree ferns, ground ferns, Ponga products, larger grade Specimen trees, Shrubs and Citrus Trees...


If you're looking for New Zealand Ferns and Ponga Products, you've come to the right place!! Fronds is a large specialist Fern Nursery specialising in New Zealand Ferns - tree ferns and ground ferns. We also have a considerable range of exotic ferns as well.

Plus we offer a range of large grade Specimen trees and Shrubs - see under Products for these. In particular Flowering Cherry trees and Maples.

Whether you want a few small ferns to fill a corner of your Garden, or a 3m high specimen Tree Fern for that landscaping feature, we can help you. Ask for Darren or Craig.

Our tree lines are growing in variety and size - call in and see (if near Cambridge) what we have if you are wanting that good look to your garden and instant effect! We are always happy to assist and advise on plantings.

Also check our extensive range of larger grade CITRUS - view our Citrus product selection if you are looking for a Citrus tree that is already with fruit on or one which will very shortly to be producing. Citrus are all in 25ltre bags please note and are usually only sold after 18 months growing on so plants are a good size when sold and will have fruit on them.

Check out the information and photos in the Products section, and feel free to contact us if you would like any further information.

Plant list is in alphabetical order - select "Products" which will give you all our range in alphabetical order. If you are looking for just ground ferns as an example then once in Products page select the "Category" box and select "Ground ferns"  then scroll through to one you want to view. If its Citrus trees you want then select "Citrus" and it will only show our Citrus trees.



After a relatively warm winter, spring has now truly arrived......although having seen spring flowers a couple of months ago, the plants are definitely a bit confused about what season it actually is! All the ferns are sprouting new fronds and the citrus and trees are all sprouting either new leaves or flowers depending on which comes first. We are still collecting the last few ferns for the next season from under private exotic pine forests, potting them up and getting them ready for their roots and fronds to re-establish, so this is still a very busy time for us.

The warm and wet winter has provided strong sales as it has been perfect for planting ferns. We are hence a little short of some varieties at this time until the new season's stock is ready for sale, but there are always some hiding around the place that are ready, so get in contact with us and we'll see what we can do!



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