About us

NurseryFronds NZ Ltd is a large specialist Fern Nursery based in Cambridge, New Zealand (approx 140km South of Auckland). We are a wholesale supplier of ferns and large grade trees (native and exotics) and shrubs. We have approximately 2.5 acres of fern nursery under shade house - holding 35,000 - 45,000 ferns at any one time.

The majority of our ferns are sourced from pine forest areas (under a permit system) where they would otherwise be destroyed as the pine trees are cleared. These ferns are collected and brought to our nursery where they are replanted, and grow on to be sold to retail outlets and landscapers around the country - helping to ensure that NZ ferns remain a dominant feature of our landscape.

We also grow large grade Specimen trees both native and exotic (MAPLES AND PRUNUS in particular) plus Fruit trees namely Citrus (25 plus varieties), Feijoas and Persimmons again in larger sizes only. Also a small range of NZ natives - check the product list.

Advice and support from our competent and qualified staff is part of the service as is our commitment to providing high quality product. If you need assistance selecting appropriate fern varieties for your situation or advice on how best to care for them once you have received them, we are happy to help.

Fronds History

NurseryFronds has been operating for more than 35 years and is possibly the largest fern nursery in New Zealand.

As New Zealanders continue to become more conscious of the need to preserve the country's native plants and "look", ferns will continue to be a popular product in Garden Centres and a regular feature of landscape plantings. And, as the rest of the world notices the great effect that is created by these unique plants - they'll continue to increase in popularity all over the world.


Latest News

Re-locating a tree fern We sometimes get asked the question "we have a tree fern (not sure what variety) and we want to relocate it from its present position - can we do that and will it regrow?"
Notes on Tree Ferns To many people one tree fern looks just the same as any other and we are often asked for a "ponga" and the requester expresses surprise that there is more than one variety!!!