Just some notes on ground ferns

Ground ferns are many and varied in terms of height/width they grow to, hardiness, colour, evergreen or deciduous, native or exotic so too much to rabbit on about here. Suffice to say ferns are brilliant plants given the right conditions and care.
Have a look at our "where to plant guide" which will give you some indication as to what you can do and where in your garden, if you need further advice contact us or you local garden centre.


The only edible ground fern we are aware of is the true NZ native Asplenium bulbiferum ("Pikopiko") and it is the tender young shoots that can be picked and blanched - tastes something like Asparagus. Hen and Chicken is the common name for this fern.
Just be careful as there are some hen and chicken cultivars in the garden centres and in fact almost all the hen and chicken you will find in garden centres are a crossed variety and definitely not an edible fern!!

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