Some notes regarding Maples

Best planting times are when plants are dormant and no leaves on so Winter thru to late Spring is best but they can be planted out from planter bags at any time of the year. Summer thru to Autumn is the time of year when maples (Acers) are looking great. Ours have been grown in planter bags and are established with good root systems so all you need to do is dig the hole (to same depth and slightly wider than the bag they come to allow you room to slide the bag in) - slit the sides of the bag before lowering into the hole - throw in a bucket of water - gently ease the bag out and cover in - Easy!!. We have purple/red maples, lime green/yellow, weeping maples and others various shades of green - some are what is callled "Standards" so they have been grafted at a certain height (1.5m or 1.8m is quite often the case) so the actuall species is the top bit above the graft. Check our varieties under the product section.

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