You need to contact us regards prices and we can either advise over the phone or by e-mail or we can send a priced catalogue list to you by mail. Freighting is often an extra cost so please don't forget to ascertain what that will be prior to committment

For small grade plants e.g our 14cm pot our pb5 grade and our 2.5 litre pot there is a minimum of 15, 10 and 9 respectively as we cartonise these and that's what fits into a carton - we can do mixes of these grades no problem. At the present time its $12 for a carton to be sent and if Rural Delivery add an extra $5, these prices are gst exclusive

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Re-locating a tree fern We sometimes get asked the question "we have a tree fern (not sure what variety) and we want to relocate it from its present position - can we do that and will it regrow?"
Notes on Tree Ferns To many people one tree fern looks just the same as any other and we are often asked for a "ponga" and the requester expresses surprise that there is more than one variety!!!