Latin Name Citrus

Common Name Citrus

We have a wide range of Citrus (quick way to see what we have is when you select PRODUCTS click the CATEGORIES option and you will then get the list of our Citrus). 

N.B We only grow Citrus trees in what is called a 25 litre easy lift bag (or in case of Kaffir Lime a 14 litre pot) so our Citrus is a good sized tree (approximately 1.2 to 1.5 metres tall and depending on variety and 50-60cm wide at the top) and will usually have some fruit on it. We do trim a lot of the fruit set off so as to not over burden the tree at a young age please note.

Citrus trees are prone to getting borer in their trunks so if you do see evidence of borer holes in your Citrus check with your Garden centre on appropriate chemical treatments.

Citrus are hungry feeders so good idea to fertilise your tree with a recommended Citrus mix three times per annum very early Spring and then mid Summer then late Autumn as a rough guide (here we do a Winter feed as well just to keep the leaves nice and green and healthy).



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