Kaffir Lime or Makrud Lime

Latin Name Kaffir Lime

Common Name Kaffir Lime

Kaffir Lime (also known as Makrud Lime) is grown for both its leaf and the fruit. The word Kaffir is a German word meaning Bug and the leaves do look in shape like a bug.

It is a native of South East Asia and the rind of the fruit is used in Thai cooking in curry paste. The leaves are also used in cooking as a flavouring.

Astringent flavour to the fruit.

The bush is quite thorny so be careful when picking from it - the tree is frost tender so in winter best to cover with Frost cloth or if you have it in a pot bring it into area where it gets protected.

Limes need fertilising with a Citrus mix we suggest three times per year - early Spring and the another in mid Summer then one late in Autumn. A fungicide and insecticide spray in mid Spring is also recommended.

Plant in Sunny position but protected from strong winds.

Enjoy this culinary delight!!!

N.B we only sell this in a 14 litre pot or a pb28 size bag and height would be approx 60-70cm tall, they will have been grown in those pots for approx 15-18 months so are well set and ready to go. Pots are ideal in that during Winter you can move them to a more protected place.


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