Lemon Yen Ben

Latin Name Yen Ben Lemon

Common Name yen ben

Yen Ben is smaller in growth than the Meyer lemon. It fruits around July.

First photo shows Meyer lemon on the left and Yen Ben on the right so you get an idea of the fruit colour.

Plant in open sunny position and in good soil. We recommend you apply a citrus fertiliser 3 times per year - early Spring, early Summer and then  a light application in Autumn to get the plant thru to the next Spring.

As regards pests and diseases a copper spray in Winter is good to get rid of any fungicide issues and then in early Spring an oil spray to rid any Thrip, Mite or Scale.

N.B We only grow this in a 25 litre easy lift bag and plant will have been grown for 15-18 months in that bag and will be approx 1.2-1.4m tall.


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