Blechnum parrisiae (syn Doodia australis (Syn. Doodia media)) - Common Rasp fern

Latin Name Blechnum parrisiae. Doodia australis (Syn. Doodia media)

Common Name Rasp Fern (Pukupuku is maori name)

Recent name change to BLECHNUM PARRISIAE (was Doodia australis and not long before that Doodia media - crikey who is responsible for these name changes!?)  sprouts bright pink new fronds, which gradually turn light green and eventually a dark green. The contrast of the three different shades makes this a very attractive variety which forms a spreading colony.
It is very hardy and can adapt to most situations including indoors, and in rockeries. It is at its best in light shade with evenly moist soil.
New Zealand Native fern.


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