Magnolia grandifloria Little Gem

Common Name little gem

Exotic and evergreen. Dense foliage wih glossy deep green leaves and brown on underside. Creamy white flowers. Is a small compact tree growing to around 5-8 metres tall and 4 metres wide so plan carefully our space before planting.
Likes full sun and best to keep a mulch or granulated bark around the root systems. Work the soil over well before planting and likes slightly acid soil. Water in well at planting time and don't let the soil dry out during the initial establishment phase.

We have these trees in 25 litre easy lift bags at approx 1.5m tall - they are straight trunked free of foliage until the head (there are Little Gems that are massed branched from the base - ours are more of a standard look) - 1.5m at present height.

Also have some in 45 litre bags at around 2 metres tall.


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