Nikau palm

Latin Name Rhopalostylis sapida

Common Name nikau palm

Nikau palm - Rhopalostylis sapida - is the New Zealand native palm and is found throughout North Island and down as far as Akaroa and Greymouth in South Island.

It grows to 8metres tall and leaves are about 3 metres across.

Has lilac/cream flower clusters in Summer.

Best to plant with good mulch around - very very difficult to regrow if you wanted to dig a largish one out and replant so best to get a well bagged one and plant. Needs good free draining soil.

We have in small pb8 bags (20-30cm) and some slightly larger in pb12 bags (30-40cm) - slow growers and when small protect from hard frosts.


Not to be confused with the Norfolk Island palm of similar look - thats Rhopalostylis baueri - Norfolk Island palm.


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