Cyathea dealbata - Silver fern

Latin Name Cyathea dealbata

Common Name Silver Fern (Ponga is maori name)

Cyathea dealbata is probably the most well-known of the NZ Tree Ferns due to it’s status as New Zealand’s national symbol. The fronds of this variety form a beautiful shuttlecock shape, turn silver on their underside as they age, and reach up to 4m in length. Although slower to develop than Cyathea medullaris – the tall, slender trunk of the Silver Fern can reach up to 10m in height.

This variety will tolerate exposure to the elements, but will never look as beautiful. It is best suited to partial shade and sheltered conditions.

Used in early days by Maori as bedding for sleeping on due to the thin texture of the frond and the lack of hairs (medullaris you definitely would not sleep on!!)
Also used as night time track markers when frond is placed silver side up.

Our range of grades is from a14cm pot at about 15-20cm tall to 100 litre bags at 2.5-3m, 12 different sizes in all.


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