Cyathea medullaris (Mamaku. Black tree fern)

Latin Name Cyathea medullaris

Common Name Mamaku, black tree fern

Cyathea medullaris is New Zealand native tree fern.

Will grow to 20 metres tall in ideal conditions and fronds will get to 5 metres in length. Do not plant close to a building as with this frond width you will encounter problems.

Fast growing fern. Need to keep well watered and soil evenly damp, use a good mulch around the base. Doesn't mind wet feet.

Is prone to frost when plant is young. Will handle sun once it gets established.

Avoid getting covered with the black fur on the trunk as it will itch like blazes!!!

We grow these in 14cm pots at about 25-30cm tall to 100 litre bags at 3metres plus, 11 grades in total.


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