Dicksonia fibrosa - Wheki ponga

Latin Name Dicksonia fibrosa

Common Name Wheki Ponga (maori)

Dicksonia fibrosa is a slow growing, very hardy tree fern which will reach up to 6m in height (although over many decades!). It has a very thick, fibrous trunk and produces a beautiful crown of fronds in a shuttlecock shape. The fronds feel very crisp to touch, grow 1 – 2m in length and create a very symmetrical appearance. Old fronds can form a “skirt” around the trunk which protects from drying out.
This variety is suited to a sunny position or light shade. Keep moist while establishing – but needs very little attention after that.
Large specimens would be probably over 100 years old.

Similar to the Australian Dicksonia antartica but the antartica grows much quicker.
Is New Zealand native fern

We have in sizes from 20cm tall to 3m tall - 13 different grades.


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