Dicksonia squarrosa - Brown tree fern or Ponga

Common Name Brown Tree Fern or Wheki (maori)

Dicksonia squarrosa is a hardy New Zealand native tree fern and grows a tall, slender, brown trunk up to approx 6m high. The fronds, reaching 1.5 – 3m in length (much smaller than Cyathea varieties), are quite crisp to touch and form a small “umbrella” on top of the trunk. It is the most popular New Zealand tree fern and is easy to grow and maintain.
This variety will tolerate up to minus 5 degrees centigrade. It is best suited to a site with partial shade and minimal wind.
Trunks are often used for fencing or edging and fronds will sometimes sprout from the side if top is dead.
Dicksonia squarrosa has been succesfully re-grown in the EU and the USA after exporting from New Zealand
Is New Zealand native fern

We have range of 13 different grades - from small 14cm pot at about 20cm to 100 litre bags at over 3 metres.


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